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  1. How do we delete attachements ?
    there used to be a box beside each attachement you could check it and delete those items.. its not there anymore .
  2. do you mean in old posts?
    You may only edit for a short amount of time after you submit a post/thread.
  3. No, you used to be able to go into the control panel and to your attachments and delete them there.
    that option isnt there anymore. How do you delete old attachments?
  4. I think she means the "attachments" section under Miscellaneous in the Control Panel. I noticed that the other day too when I checked my attachments and realized that I couldn't delete them anymore.
  5. I am not sure if Vlad took it away on purpose, but if so, you will need to contact Vlad/myself or a mod to handle it.
  6. ok thank you
  7. Well could you please ask Vlad to give us that feature back? I'd like to have at least some control over what I attach.
  8. I have no place to delete. there used to be a box beside each attachment. you could check that box and delete. the box is gone...
  9. you mean when you're editing?
  10. Deleting old attachments.

    You are currently using 64.81 MB to store 866 uploaded attachments.

    How do you delete OLD attachments?
    there used to be a box you could check because each thread you had attachments in, that is now gone.
  11. Do you see check boxes by each of the attachments listed on that page?
  12. No i dont, they used to be there and arent anymore.
  13. See below
    NO BOXES.jpg