Deletes - Cotton Signature???

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  1. I thought I read on a previous thread that the cotton signature bags would be deleted on the 21st, but they are still on the site. Have they been deleted from the boutiques?
  2. The cotton carlys are already at the outlets, so they have been deleted from the boutiques. I think they just forgot to take them down from the website.
  3. Forgot. Oh, that's funny! A big company like Coach forgot to take the deletes off their website. I was trying to project what would be making its way to the outlets by looking at the coach site. It doesn't seem like the bags I thought were deleted have been removed from the site.
  4. So if the bags are still on the website, can I get the outlet price from the website? hehehehehehehe...JK!!!
    I'm really trying to talk myself out of heading to the outlet tomorrow. However, I NEED that jade Carly.
  5. The jade was there also!
  6. Oh god.....I really am wanting that bag. And I've been so good about shopping this week....:crybaby:
  7. I've been eyeing that jade carly since it came out, but couldn't justify the price for a bag that only matched one outfit:crybaby:
    But I may have to head out to the outlet in the morning now:party:
  8. lodilove-
    Do I spy this year's spring patchwork hobo and last year's too in your avatar? We're twinkies! I love my hobos.:tup:
  9. ok, I really may have to go tomorrow to the outlet. I'm gonna call first and see if they got them in.
  10. How much are they does anyone know?

    A percentage off of retail?
  11. I asked my local outlet about these and they said that they were too new to be at the outlets???
  12. the shoulder bag was marked down to 229 PLUS 20% off.