Deletes and Upcoming Floor Move Info

  1. Hey everybody.

    In case you didn't know, there's a floor move coming up very soon.

    Among the items to be deleted (I'll add to this list when I get more information, I haven't had a chance to read the delete list carefully yet):

    -Hamptons Collection
    -Soho Collection (To be replaced by Bleeker Collection, which hits in October)
    -Patchwork Collection

    Ocean Charms Keyfob, Fruit Keyfob, Turnlock Valet keyfob, Multi-Stripe Scarf

    The Chelsea collection is being consolidated out of some of the smaller boutiques and into larger ones; many of the Chelsea items are low-on-hand in JAX. The collection is close to selling out and has done very well.

    I'll get you more info when I have it; hopefully the other SA's can chime in here too.
  2. I'm hearing Wednesday for the new floorset. Can you confirm?
  3. I thought you mentioned in another thread that Chelsea is also on the delete list. :confused1:
  4. ^^It's not being deleted (my manager was on crank I think), it's being consolidated from certain boutiques (mine is a small Pinnacle store so it's leaving my store for a bigger one). A lot of the SA's on here work in bigger boutiques, but I work in a smaller one so we see a lot of product come and go. LOL.

    As far as Wednesday, no, I can't confirm that. The managers are just getting back from Boca today from the Conference, and I thought the floor move was this next Friday. I'll have to check (I only work 3 Saturdays a month).
  5. ^Thanks for the clarification. :smile:
  6. What is the Bleeker collection??? Cant wait to see it!!!
  7. Thanks for the info! My SA in Wellington, FL told me that the floor move is on Wed.
  8. The Bleeker collection is a new line of Feed type bags - north south like the Carly. They are coming in gorgeous leathers for the Fall. Here is one of the Bleeker bags for October release. I really like this bag in particular and I think it is burnished leather which can be worn in all types of weather.

  9. :wtf: Must. get. Bleekers. in. every. color.
  10. Wow, those are major news!!
  11. Thanks for the info, Sarah!
  12. Aunt Jeanne doesn't seem to like it though:
    Taken from:
  13. Bleeker is gorgeous! In the new update book that stores have, there is a photo of five girls wearing bleeker and a million things as well and i'm in love.

    It's a nice refreshing collection that isn't soho with a new strap.
  14. ^^ITA. I'm looking forward to getting one!
  15. The Coach whitney watch is going and I think the XL Eva is going as well. Some mens stuff are also going. The nylon drafting totes in sand and orange, both sizes. 70039 and 70040. Some jotters and a couple of briefcases.

    Im working floorset tomorrow night, Im excited. I always love seeing the new stuff come out. I floor prepped a lot of GORGEOUS Legacy pieces. The whiskey framed french purse is back and the wristlets as well. Go visit your local COACH boutique Wednesday to see all the new stuff!