Delcina's Hayden Harnett Havana Luxe Hobo 54% off!

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  1. That's an AMAZING price ($212.50 down from $540) on a really lovely bag.
  2. Does anyone know if they ship to Canada? I mean, I see the option but when I went to register and check out, it gave me this message:

    Sorry, there are no available shipping methods for your location.

  3. wow. great price. if i hadn't already sold my last kidney to fund my recent HH binge, i'd be all over this!
  4. That is one beautiful bag. I love the weave on the top!
  5. I know! I think I have to start selling my organs too! :Push:
  6. Hey did someone from Delcina contact you jadejett? Kim (I believe) called me just now because she says there are many people ordering at the same time and there were problems with the server!

    She was really nice - she also let me order it my applying it with the grechen coupon over the phone!
    I was stupid tho - she was asking me "What coupon do you want to use?" and I said the "Grechen one" and I should have asked her "Why, there's other coupons?" Hahaha :Push:
  7. It's sold out now!

  8. Yeah, she called me at home though and I'm at work, so I don't know if they're sold out or not. I sent them an email asking them to set aside but who knows if they did it or not. Oh well, not meant to be if that's the case.
  9. Good luck with that!

    I hope this leather is as smooshy as my HH tassel.. then I'll be in heaven!

    I don't know what's with me and HH bags - I keep getting problems ordering them until this one. (I ordered a Suki bag at HH earlier but for some reason they had some technical glitch and they didn't get my order all together - well at least it was better than when I ordered it at the purse store - when they charged my credit card but didn't know what I ordered...)

    Maybe its a sign from God that I should get the bag :confused1:
  10. It's sold out.