Delcina Steal-Hayden-Harnett!!!

  1. Mercer Satchel Coral, Hayden-Harnett
    Market price: $448.00
    Price: $190.00
    , save 58% See details
    [​IMG]Go get it girls-it's the "steal" of the week on their website. Great price!!!!:yes:
  2. That's an AWESOME tip JNH14, thanks bunches! I am debating on getting it or waiting for the sample sale!!
  3. Wow! Great price on a beautiful bag. Too bad that I already have a red bag that I'm happy with. Thanks for posting.

  4. You're welcome-happy hunting at the sale...know that I am so-o-o- jealous!:yes:
  5. OOOOOO! I am SO tempted.... It's a beautiful bag!
  6. ooh I have a Mercer Satchel in black and I LOVE IT!! :heart: coral, hmmm.....
  7. For some reason I can't see it =(

  8. Just log on to and it's the "Deal of the Week".:yes: I just retried it and couldn't get it either. Perhaps they sold out!