Delcina-Morning After Bag-Caramel $395!!!

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  2. WOW!!! Thanks for posting.
  3. coupon code isn't working :sad:

  4. Sorry the link didn't work for you jadejett. As for the coupon code...I tried it before posting the sale and found it didn't work .Then, I remembered contacting Delcina months ago and was told that codes didn't apply towards sale items. I really wish that retailers wouldn't restrict their codes in that way.
  5. One more June, I emailed Delcina to inquire about their matching Revolve's 30% new customer discount. Not only did Kim match it, she gave me 40% off the Begeren Morea tote which was already on sale!! You might want to contact Kim with their Client Services Team to see if she will do the same for you! It's worth a try!

    Phone: 858.334.3235
  6. The "grechen15" coupon code worked. Just picked one up for $335.75. Yippeee!!!
  7. Cool! I was wondering why it didn't work for some people. I know it works on sale items because I used it on a Begeren tote. I used it for a phone order and the owner absolutely applied it. Don't know why it's not working for some people.

  8. Awww..wonder why it didn't work for me? I tried it in both upper and lower case too! That's not the only glitch I'm experienced this week either. I found it almost impossible to access the YOOX site. I'm not computer literate enough to understand why and how that happens....just know that it's frustrating!!:tdown: Next time, I'll try calling the store.
  9. I realize now that the reason I was told over the phone that the discount code wouldn't apply to the sale item was because Delcina was matching Revolve's discount and would allow me to double up! Makes sense.
  10. aaahhh, thanks for clearing that up!