Delcina Deal of the Week -

  1. Isn't there a code too?
  2. I did a search -

    grechen15 is 15% off, not sure if it will work on the deal of the week though.

    delship is free shipping maybe.

    I haven't tried either one to see if they work or not, sorry.
  3. Thank you for posting! Does anyone have modeling pictures? I heard this bag is huge and even though I love big bags and Rebecca Minkoff, it might be TOO big.
  4. grechen15 works on sale items. But I'm not sure you can use it along with the free shipping code.
  5. Yes, you get the code but no free shipping. The code's the way to go. :yes:
  6. I think it's free shipping on all orders over $100, so no need for that code anyway! :yahoo: