Delcina deal of the week! RM Morning After

  1. Argh! I just paid more than that at their own sample sale! What the hell!
  2. my guess, it'll sell out quick!
  3. what a fab deal! thanks for keeping us up on the Delcina deals!
  4. I just ordered it! I was contemplating getting it from the sample sale, but I'm glad I waited.

  5. Great-glad that a TPF'er got one at a bragain price!:yes:

  6. How much were the morning after's at the sample sale?
  7. BabyK, I think the morning after mini was $280 at the sale.

    The other Minkoff bag that Delcina has is nice too. When I called during Minkoff's sample sale, they said that the hobo was actually the staff's favorite because it is so comfortable to carry on the shoulder. While the MA and MA mini are technically able to fit on the shoulder, they are more bulky sideways.
  8. aww darn! all gone!
    i think i hesitated because i don't want a mini - now i am regretting darn!
    oh well - next time