Delcina ~ Deal Of The Week*RM Elisha Cloud Grey $291

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  1. Was going to post it but bagachondriac is really speedy!

    Elisha in cloudgrey is my dream combo! Now to justify spending money on a new bag lol...

    Btw, I really appreciate all the deals you post, sometimes I'm agog at the amount, you're so dedicated- this forum wouldn't be the same without you :tup:
  2.'re sweet! It's cause I can't sleep and am hyperactive!! LOL! Seriously...I have to do something with all this energy! However, I don't feel that I contribute any more than anyone else on the forum. I can't tell you how beneficial it's been for me to have been a member for the past couple years....I'm just contributing my two cents!! Oh...and I too love that color combination! Can't allow myself to be tempted though...must learn to control this addiction! :nuts:
  3. babybel is absolutely right, Bagachondriac. Thanks for all of your enabling! ;)

    Now, must
  4. i bought the black elisha and EVERYONE loved yes, i was tempted when i saw this one since ive been looking for a grey bag, and i bought it! haha thx for the post! mucho poor now =P
  5. Hmm, would you guys say this is too girly for a guy to use as a laptop bag??
  6. its def a girl's kinda bag. the shape is not very "messenger"esq which is more of a guy's style. =)
  7. I did it! I just couldn't resist this one, so I got my fam to get this for me for my bday (read: reimburse haha)! That why I won't feel too too bad about getting 2 bags in 1 day...

    I wish I can 'blame' bagachondriac' for being an enable LOL but I know better myself. Bad babybel!

    Is there a support group out there? Someone?!