Delcina - Deal Of The Week/ Begeren Moorea Tote $174

  1. What?!? Out of stock already!:blink:
  2. Believe me, it's okay. That was MY bag they were selling. They had two left. I bought one and got it totally screwed up. There were horrible scratches towards the top - it wasn't acceptable. I had to give them a really hard time for selling me such a crap bag because I too had bought it on sale and then they sent me their last one as an exchange which too wasn't so wonderful and ended up selling it on eBay. So that one for $174 was the worst of the last. I even talked to Linda about it at Begeren and she was surprised because they check all their bags. Perhaps it was a floor model.
    Apologies to anyone here if they were the ones that bought it. Whoever has it, I hope they do get lots of wonderful use out of it. I'm just really really really picky.....:angel:
  3. Wow, that's surprising information. The bag is back on the website btw.
    I bought a Bergeren in Marine and it was flawless.
  4. How beeeezare! :upsidedown:
    Yes, my Marine and other colors were downright flawless too! I didn't know you had a Begeren too Jade! ;)
  5. Yep! I've never actually used it though.
    It's one of those bags you can't wear over the shoulder which bugs me.
    I knew it at the time and thought I could get over my aversion to carrying bags on the arm, but apparently I can't! :lol:

    It's a beautiful bag but it goes in the closet with the rest of the impulse buys. I do like to take it out once in a while and look at it though. It's very pretty. :love:
  6. Jade..I think that I bought my marine bag from Delcina at about the same time that you did. Mine has yet to be carried as I thought from the picture on the Begeren website tht it was much larger than it is and I was quite disappointed when it arrived. Like you, I have purchased many many bags on impulse that I have yet to carry!!!

  7. Actually, you're right! It was a lot bigger in the picture! Yes, I was disappointed too, but since I live in Canada, it just wasn't worth sending it back since I'd be out shipping and customs. This is a constant problem I have with buying bags sight unseen. Wish some of these smaller labels sold in Canada so I could have a look first. :lol:

  8. Jade...I recently sold a couple bags to another member of tpf who lives in Vancouver. To avoid paying shipping and custom fees, she registered with a parcel receiving company in Washington state and drives there to pick up her packages. Is this something that you could do or would it be too far to drive? Regarding my Begeren bag, I wasn't able to return it as it was a final sale item. you recall where we go to view the bags and prices offered to tpf members by Begeren. I deleted the information she sent me and can't recall the specifics. Thanks.
  9. I live in Toronto so that's quite the drive for me. :lol:
    I don't remember that Bergeren link but maybe someone else does. Jchiara perhaps? :yes:

  10. How far from Detroit are you?
  11. About four hours. Honestly, i'd rather just pay shipping! :lol:
  12. You're a doll! Thanks jadejett.:tup:

    I couldn't sleep last night because my DH wasn't home, so I was up until 7: 30 AM this morning decorating my Christmas tree! It's about noon now and I just got out of bed! Boy, I don't want to do that too often...makes one feel hung over!!