's deal of the week: Lauren Merkin

  1. has some Lauren Merkin clutches on their sale page -- The suede Eve's are $90. Code grechen15 works for 15% off! Unfortunately they still charge $10 for shipping, so I guess it almost evens out.

    Here's the link:
  2. I'm not seeing Lauren Merkin anymore, I think that deal ended Sunday. Hope everyone who wanted a Lauren Merkin got one.

    This week is two Abbey Road "pouches" and some earrings.
  3. Yea-- I think I caught the tail end of it!
  4. can't believe i missed this!
    was there black patent anything?
  5. as an alternative for those in NYC, there is a lauren merkin sample sale coming up on 8/14-8/16 ! ! ! ! 231 west 29 street @ 7th avenue room 201. call for more details 212 239 2459 its from 11-7 pm
    ill probably head there after work eek!
  6. No... no black patent. 2 suede clutches with the cutout design, and 2 of that one with the squiggly stitching.