- great customer service experience

  1. I don't post here very frequently, but I wanted to report a great customer service experience with I recently ordered a Lesa Wallace prosperity bag from their site. ships with Fedex and requires a signature for purchases over $200. Fedex claims the bag was delivered to my house on Feb. 7, and they have a signature on file for someone who supposedly signed for it. However, I never received the package, and there is no one by that name who lives with or near me. My husband and I were both at work when the package was supposedly delivered, so there shouldn't have been anyone at my house who could have signed for the package. Anyway, Fedex is claiming that the package was delivered, so I had to file a claim with them for a lost package - not sure how that will turn out. Has anyone had this problem before, or gone through the claim process?

    When I contacted about my inability to resolve the problem with Fedex, they offered to rush me a replacement bag at no charge. They are also following up with Fedex themselves.

    I order a LOT of stuff online, most of which doesn't require a signature, so there are always packages left at my doorstep (we live in a single family home). I have never before had a problem with a package not arriving, so I have been feeling very frustrated, particularly with Fedex's inability to resolve the issue. I was pleasantly surprised by Delcina's willingness to send me a replacement, and I will surely shop there again. I just wanted to let you all know of my happy outcome and encourage you to check out their site!
  2. Hi,
    Well, I have just ordered some Prosperity bags from them, and hope to get good service as well.
    They ship out fast, and all seems to be fine.
    Now I'm just excited to see if these bags are as practical as they look like! I always carry a ton of stuff with me when I go by car, usually in a lot of plastic bags etc. So I hope to be better organised now.;)
  3. That sounds like excellent customer service! I will keep that in mind when I do some online shopping.
    Congrats on your new bag as well. How do you like it? I saw that bag on their site and was interested, but couldn't find any feedback about it.
  4. Just this morning I e-mailed Delcina because I was disappointed to miss the special of the week (RM Mocha MAM). They told me they didn't expect such a huge response and sent me a code for a % off another bag in brown - very nice....
  5. Delcina is wonderful!
    I remember when I had registeration issues with the site - and I couldn't order the bag - and they actually called me to tell me they fixed the problem and asked whether I still wanted the bag.

    I thought that was wonderful of them
  6. FedEx is the problem. One of my neighbors had the exact same thing happen to her. My guess is the FedEx driver can't count or read (the one here) as he delivered her package to the house across from them and sadly that house belonged to the neighborhood 'crazy people' so who knows what happened to that package. In the end, whatever it was my neighbor bought was re-sent to her at no extra cost. FedEx needs to be more careful.
  7. I also think Fedex is the problem. I ordered from Burberry usa and had it deliverd at my BIL's house (who lives in the US). It was supposed to be delivered according to fedex, but not at my BIL house! Luckily they found out a few days later it was delivered at the neighbours (after asking around). I thought it was weird fedex didn't leave a note about leaving the package somewhere else or told us after Burberry filed a claim for us.... (Burberry offered great cs BTW)