Deal Of The Week!!

  1. wow soo tempted right now. do i wait for the bulga sample sale in hope that this will be cheaper, or do i get it now? what if the bulga sample sale doesn't have it at all!!?? ahhhh! dilemma!
  2. If you use the code grechen15 you save 15%. That brings it down to $323.85. But you still have to pay the shipping.
  3. i am very tempted too... but i wonder if this bag is heavy....
  4. Bulga bags are pretty light actually, but I'm thinking the "london" colour looks a little bit icky to me. I think I'd have to see it irl to really make a decision on an iffy colour. I bought a bulga in a rose colour and wasn't too sure I'd like the colour and sure enough, I hated it the minute I opened the box. I'd rather have it in a dark rich brown, or even black. Think I'll wait to see what happens at the sample sale. They said things would go up to 50% right?
  5. I'm very tempted...
  6. I know that Bulga's leather is suuuuper soft. I have the multi kiss lock bag in wonona and its wonderfully soft!