accepting pre-orders for new RM bags

  1. Hey ladies. Don't know if this has been posted yet, but i noticed there were several tpf'ers that wanted the Matinee in Jade, and are waiting for the steady as well. has these and are accepting pre-orders! Sorry, I couldn't find any coupon codes for this site...
  2. Thanks for posting! I was hoping they'd have the yellow and silver MAB, but I'll keep checking.
  3. ^is...that...contrast stitching I see on the Jade Matinee? What do yall think?
  4. Wow - look at this oxblood. Serious potential!


    GUNG - that does look like contrast stitching to me, too. I'm not really a fan of contrast stitching in general.
  5. Yep, it's contrast stitching. That's why I'm unsure if Jade will be the matinee for me. I'm not a fan of contrast stitching. :sad:

  6. This bag has been sold out forever! For some reason, Delcina keeps it on the site. Its odd because they sold out of the blue in that style and took it off the site but the red one remains still. It drives me nuts too because i seriously lusted after this bag!