Off Rebecca Minkoff !!

  1. From The Grechen's Closet Newsletter:

    Here's the deal: Codes are valid on Rebecca Minkoff ONLY
    Take 30% off with code 'grechen30' for ONE WEEK (until 10/9)
    Take 20% off with code 'grechen20' after 10/9 and until 10/30
    Take 30% off the Caramel Morning After bag all month (from 10/2 to 10/30) with code 'caramel30'
  2. Here's the content of the Grechen's Closet newsletter relative to the Delcina/Rebecca Minkoff Sale.

    If you've been visitng Grechen's Closet for any time at all, you know that 1. I am a handbag JUNKIE; I do not believe it is possible to have too many bags. and 2. I'm not about who wore what, when, and how, where to find Angelina's shoes, OR the latest "it" bag. Grechen's Closet is about your style, not celebrity style. And we have found a kindred spirit in Delcina.

    The headline of Delcina's latest press release really says it all: "No More Walking Billboards." Owner, Jean Ouyang says: "I think women are tired of being used as human billboards with big logos and bags that need a mortgage. The designing talents of today are confident of their personal values and can match the quality and style of the major brands." "We find that the indies don't have the brand cushion so they must tap into their imagination to create new, fresh, different."

    In other words, at Delcina, the bags are what's important, not who's carrying them. A "must-have" bag should be one that you fall in love with; that speaks to you, and makes you happy, not the bag that Lindsay was photographed wearing. And Delcina is full of those bags. Jean has carefully selected designers like Begeren (one of Grechen's favorites), Jenny Yeun, Rebecca Minkoff and Lauren Merkin for their innovative design, practicality and of course, their aspiration to be one of the "things that make you happy."
  3. ^Well said!
  4. omg, i love their mission statement. i've always liked Delcina but i now realize we (along with Grechen) are kindred spirits too. :lol:
  5. is one of my favorite sites. I love it.:tup: