Delcina - Beginning Monday, December 17th-37% Off W' Code


    37 Things that make you happy at 37% off!!
    Beginning Monday, December 17th
    Enter Promo Code GRECHEN37 At Checkout
  2. I just got that e-mail too. :nuts:

    I've been trying to be good but we'll see come Monday...
  3. Thanks for the post! I am so on it! :yahoo:
  4. does anyone know what's going to be included???

    maybe the wine matinee?:love:

  5. I agree. I just received the same newsletter, but I too believe those are just the handbags that they carry. Usually, their sales alert comes out on Monday morning at about 10 a.m. EST. Boy...wouldn't it be awesome if all those handbags were 37% off! Lookout Mastercard!!:yahoo::woohoo: