Delcina - 37 Event Appears To Be Loaded!!!

  1. wow thanks bagachondriac! I see a couple of RM bags!!!
  2. Sigh I just bought a dark gray RM. I kind of want that matinee in black and pewter but I know some people think it'll be out in a season. Although I loveee all those compartments!

    And there's jenny yuen! I don't know if I can show restraint :-/
  3. Does anyone know if these items are available for Christmas delivery?
  4. what is the 37 event?
  5. if you use the code at checkout you get 37 percent off all all 37 items in the bank.

    I have my item in my basket, still contemplating whether to get that jenny yuen metallic rose sherlock. Anyone have any reasons to persuade or dissuade me from it? :graucho:
  6. Have you seen it irl? My only fear with this is that it's final sale. That being said - the bag is gorgeous!!

  7. 37 Things that make you happy at 37% off!!
    Beginning Monday, December 17th
    Enter Promo Code GRECHEN37 At Checkout
  8. thanks bagachondriac!

  9. Go for it paintednightsky!! You only live once! Just say to yourself that this is an early Christmas present from Santa! LOL! BTW..please post pictures after you receive all of your bags.:tup:
  10. I think so...Delcina's very fast ship. Their free ship is ground so even if you're on the East coast, if you order today, it should be there by Friday or Monday.
    They usually ship same or next bus. day. That's my experience.

    I just bought some jewelry presents for girlfriends and cousins, etc...done!
  11. ok bagachondriac and soccermom. You both convinced me. It was such a release (relief!) hitting that submit button! Now I can go back to studying before my final today :yahoo::crybaby:And to think I want to buy a belen enchandia next month on their sale is horrible!
  12. VERY VERY tempted to get the rm matinee bag! i must resist........
  13. Thanks!
  14. Thanks! My wallet takes another hit... ouch! :p I just ordered a black Sherlock!... I had wanted one of these during the SS, but alas they only had almond available for phone orders and I had really wanted the shoulder strap.

    Seems like they have lightening fast shipping... I had a tracking number within an hour of placing my order! Can't wait! I bet this one arrives before my SS Gatsy and Cleo.