Delcina 20% Coupon on reesycakes...does it work for you?

  1. i see a 20% off coupon on for a 20% off coupon at, but it isn't working for me. has anyone else successfully gotten 20% off?
  2. I wrote to Delcina several months ago regarding price matching ( response posted below ). I was referring to Revolve Clothing's new customer discount. Since that time, they discounted a Begeren handbag for me using the match policy.

    I also found a code - grechen15...not sure if it works.
  3. The grechen15 code still works but I tried to buy something a few minutes ago and this is the message I got from my computer when I hit the checkout button. This is scary to me. I'm not risking it.

    [​IMG] There is a problem with this website's security certificate.

    The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.

    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.

    We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.

    [​IMG]Click here to close this webpage.

    [​IMG]Continue to this website (not recommended).

    [​IMG] More information

  4. I got the same message but ordered anyway (about a month ago). No problems yet....knock on wood!!!!
  5. thanks for the info bagachondriac...i COULD wait till monday morning to email them about being a new customer since they're closed over the weekend, but i'm eyeing the weekly special and by monday it won't be on sale anymore.

    anyways, the special is the RM hobo in blue. i actually wanted that bag in emerald or the dark red, but since i can't seem to find those colors anywhere, should i just get it in blue??

    btw, i got that weird message too about the security certificate.
  6. Hi Fallax..perhaps you could place the order in order not to lose the special price (knowing that it won't be shipped before Monday). At the same time, I would email Kim and ask her about matching Revolve Clothing's first time customer discount, letting her know that you placed the order just to keep the bag from selling out.

    FYI....I found this sale a while back on a Navy RM morning after full size....

    Couldn't find a promo code on it. You must also call them to place the order as opposed to doing it online. The red on sounds gorgeous also...haven't seen it available anywhere online, but I will look for it. I bought the black one during the sample sale....still sitting in my closet!!!
  7. Oh...and another possibility...

    I emailed ShopEmilyGrace as well and received this response....

    If you decide to write to them, here is the link to substantiate the Revolve code..

    Revolve Clothing 30% off (New Customers ONLY!) follow link provided

    Just checked their site and they have the MA mini in royal....

  8. Delcina are a legit site but I think they're a small business, which means in their case that they don't have the best internet operation. I had some problems with their website before too so I just called and placed my order. They kinda screwed up my order though - plus their shipping is ridiculous to Canada. They tried to accomodate me but I don't think I'd shop with them again. :nogood:
  9. hehe! i didn't see this reply and i actually made a new thread about it...too bad it's already sold out!

    thanks for all your help, but i still want the hobo, not the morning after. the one on delcina is the hobo, which is now a discontinued style by rebecca minkoff. i don't know why they would stop making a product that was so successful...but whatever!
  10. you got the hobo and you don't carry it? why not?? or did you get the morning after?

    initially i had wanted the morning after but found that it was too bulky under my arm. after reading that the hobo is more comfortable, and after spotting a girl carrying it in emerald, it has been my MISSION to have it!
  11. Sorry....duplicate post!!

  12. My not having carried it has nothing to do with the bag, but with my terrible habit of buying beautiful handbags and storing them away like a squirrel stores nuts!!! I am always so afraid of getting them soiled that I tend to carry the same darned bag all the time. My daily bag is my black's durable and holds EVERYTHING! The MA bag is really nice...although it is a bit larger than what I had anticipated. I no longer work outside my home, and only change bags when my DH and I go out to dinner or to a social gathering. We travel frequently, but from experience, I know that I don't want to take my higher-end bags on a trip. On a flight once, I had a child seated behind me spill a soda on the floor. My Kooba happened to be on the floor under my seat.....need I say more!!!

    I now wish that I had bought the hobo rather than the satchel because it would definitely fit better under the arm. Although the handle drop is sufficient enough to enable me to carry the MA on my shoulder, I agree that it does feel awkward will all my junk in it( I just tried it).
  13. do you remember how much the hobos were at the sample sale? i remember the MA minis were like $230...
    anyways, i just spoke to someone at rebecca minkoff and she told me that she only has the hobo in cream and almond...sadly NO emerald. i decided not to get the hobo on delcina either b/c it's just not the same as that lush green...