Delays in Production of Some Bags?

  1. What's the story on the Mandy Courier in charcoal suede? First it was due out mid Oct, then late Oct, now Dec???
  2. I would just like to see the suede Legacy bags in plum In Real Life just once. Tysons store told me they are only in the NYC store. Silly Coach -- why don't you realize just how much I'm willing to buy, if only I can see it in person first? :P

  3. I know what you mean! I couldn't resist and took a gamble and ordered this bag because I really loved it. It definitely is not as wine colored as it looks in the catalogue - more purple. I did post a thread a while back with pics of it, and another thread where it's on my shoulder. I think they're a pretty good representation of the color, though I completely understand that that's not the same thing as being able to see it in person (so this might be completely unhelpful, sorry :shame: ).
  4. No, it's okay, and I'm completely jealous that you have one, because now the only purple suede left on the website is the big Mandy bag that's just too big for me. Wah, I know. :P
  5. A SA brought out a sample of this bag from the back for me to see about a month ago. It looks very different than the pictures in the catalog. Much more of a light purple color and not what I call a plum. No dark pink tones at all. It is nice but I prefer a pinker, more red plum color. Ask if they have a sample even if it isn't in the bag you want.