Delayed reveal...can't resist Chanel now!

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  1. So having got my first Chanel bag and realising that you were all quite right in that it will be the first of many....
    I now have a new purchase that I think I might love even more than my bag....

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  2. A lambskin black and burgundy wallet. I just could not stop thinking about it and with the upcoming price rise, it's a must. :biggrin:

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  3. gorgeous!! i'm a lambskin lover all the way (although did just purchase many caviar SLGs lol) and this is beautiful!! congrats!! so it's true.... price increase IS coming?? i'm gonna start asking my SAs in various dept stores and boutiques to see if they've heard anything.
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    Thank you. I love the lambskin but am worried I would damage a bag.
    I love the navy and SHW reissue. In the UK we have a 7% price rise that will be live on the 15th July.
  5. Beautiful Vinnie!! I was looking at the exact same wallet when I was choosing my new wallet. It really is gorgeous & so functional. CONGRATS! Your avatar pic is adorable & making me laugh & smile!:idea:
  6. Uh oh some one is bitten by the Chanel bug? :smile:
    Congrats on your beautiful wallet!
  7. Thank you Kendie, that's your beautiful boy wallet? A great choice too, I was so tempted by the boys.... I just want them all!!! :blush::eek:Very happy to make you laugh with my avatar.

    Thank you... I have been SO bitten, as predicted! :giggle: Loving it though!
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  8. Lovely!! Congrats!
  9. This is gorgeous. congrats!
  10. I don't blame you this is such a beautiful classic!!! Totally a great buy before price increase. congrats!!!
  11. Gorgeous and puffy!!
  12. Are you serious, 15th aka today?!?! Gosh, they responded quickly after the GBP plunged.. this means even if I ask my brother who lives in London to head down this weekend, the prices would've already gone up :sad:

    Absolutely love the wallet by the way, congratulations!
  13. Beautiful wallet. Congrats
  14. I know, not having another weekend was cruel! Although better for the bank balances. :biggrin:

    Thank you so much guys...Miss CC...isn't the Chanel puffy wonderful. I keep wanting to stroke the wallet but don't want to to look too crazy! :nuts:
  15. Congrats on such a lovely wallet! Enjoy!