Delayed Period - Ugh, stress?

  1. My period is a bit late, which is very abnormal for me, and I was hoping all of you could help me get my mind off it. I'm definitely not pregnant and my diet hasn't changed drastically, so I think it's due to stress. Any advice? I know thinking about it is stressing me out and therefore probably delaying it further. :sad:
  2. Sounds like stress to me... if you're going through a tough time in your life, then that would explain the late period. If it's only a few days, I wouldn't worry, but if comes closer to two weeks, you may way to see a physician. Try to take time out every day and let yourself relax - take a nice hot bubble bath or do something that makes you happy.
  3. I know how you feel! My most period, which occured last week, was almost a whole week late. I took like three pregnancy tests waiting for it to get here, because I'm hardly ever irregular. Try not to stress out too much, as that will probably make it arrive even later.
  4. Stress and illness usually causes it to be delayed. For me, I was always on time, but a few months ago, I became very irregular where I ended up skipping months! Mine was mainly due to an illness that can cause that, and also some stress. But I do emphasize, I was very worried when it didn't come after a month, but it did eventually come, so don't worry. :smile:
    Just don't think much of it, stress will delay it more. It will come when it comes. But maybe if you are late for a few weeks, then I would perhaps see a doctor just to ease your mind.
  5. Thank you, everyone, for your advice. It's only a few days late, not weeks, so I think I'll hold off on the doctor. I just really need to stop thinking about it. Which is easier said than done...
  6. are you sure you can't be never know...:rolleyes:
  7. Well, I'm a virgin, so I would say I am sure. But thanks anyway!
  8. Like hte other gals said, it is definitely stress.
    A few of my girlfriends have gone through the same thing. My bestfriend didn't get her period for 7 months!! However this is more of a normal thing for her, something that occurs every other month.. so she was told to go on the pill.

    If this is the first time it has happened to you I am sure everything is okay. If you are under some stress just take it easy, don't worry about it! The more you stress about it the more delayed it will be. That's what usually happened to me.
  9. Probably stress. I have been always regular my whole life. Never really missed periods.
    Only maybe once or twice I missed 1 month. (btw..I'm 36)

    But....Recently my mom moved in with us and she was going thru a divorce and she had a lot of drama around this divorce...

    She moved in July '06....and I skipped periods until June '07!!!!!!!!! (When she moved out..)

    I think I was just too involved around her daily issues, then trying to live my life....and trying to get used to her living with me...was just too much. We are very close, we love eachother very much...her "drama" was the problem.

    Since then...I've had my periods last only 1 day. Then the next month 2 days....Sept. (no period), Aug. was a reg. period! YAY!! (weird, being happy to have one...:rolleyes: )Stressful worrying if I was going to even have one each month. Ugh...:s
  10. Classic, I totally understand your stress about not getting your period. I'm 25 and married and I haven't had mine for five months now and even prior to that it was quite irratic. And no, I am not pregnant either. It took me 5 months of not seeing it happen to finally approach my doctor. And she did blood work and all that and nadda, nothing, no answers. So then I'm going, hmm, what's wrong with me? All my doc could suggest is a combination of stress both physically and mentally. She said that sometimes it takes a while for your body to regulate itself.

    So, all I can say is try not to think about it too much. If you are really worried and it hasn't come next month you could always see your doctor and let them do some tests. I kept putting it off because I was saying okay it's stress, don't go freaking out. Now at least my mind is at ease that I'm not suffering from a disease. Good luck!