Delayed order from Sand Point Shop

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  1. I made an order from Sand Point Shop last week and the next day I got an email from them saying my item was on order from the manufacturer and my shipment would be delayed an additional 2-3 days. I checked my bank account and the transaction was pending. Today I checked again and no transaction shown on my account. Does that mean Sand Point just canceled my order? Should I call them? Has this ever happened to any of you?
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    Yes unfortunately shipping delays seem frequent with Sands Point Shop. For my recent orders, they had to acquire two items from the manufacturer (LC), and twice they didn't actually give my packages to UPS until two-three days after emailing me a shipping notice. Still I've ordered from them for years (even when they were called Magnums) because they regularly offer discount codes for in-season LC items. The shipping delays are increasingly annoying however. They are reputable and I bet your order will show up shortly.
  3. This happened to me with my last LC order from Sands Point. It annoyed me so I cancelled my order and ordered it from No delay, and got it at the same sale price.
  4. Thanks for the info! Never knew that it's not an unusual issue. I'll wait for a few more days, if I don't hear anything from them I might call to cancel my order.
  5. What did you order? :smile:
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  6. I actually ordered a 2 LP backpacks, navy and bilberry over the Memorial Day sale for $100 each. I'm a bit obsessed with LC backpacks and my weakness is I cannot resist LC sales...I should be on the ban island seriously... but I still blame on the sales
  7. You can't go wrong with those colors!
  8. At least they didn`t take your money and make you wait over 3 months like they did me. No response from customer service & no delivery. I had to open a Paypal dispute to get my money back.

  9. Oh no... I purchased from them before and never had a problem with my orders except this time. Hopefully they will improve their customer service otherwise I might have to look at other places...
  10. That is really terrible! What a hassle to get your money back
  11. I purchased from them many times in the past few years and only had a week or two delay and even then communication was good. They sent an email and let me know there would be a delay.
    Then in the Fall last year I had my first problem. I placed an order and after 3 weeks with no communication I was refunded my money. The next time around Thanksgiving I placed an order and heard NOTHING until mid February when I filed a PayPal dispute.
    I hope these are just growing pains and maybe soon they will get enough staff to keep up with demand.
  12. My biggest disappointment was no response from customer service yet ironically the day after I file a PayPal dispute I get a refund. Never got an explanation or apology.

  13. Terrible customer service! Now it made me wonder if I would ever want to buy from them anymore. I just sent them an email since it's been a week and I have not heard anything! I'll see how that goes. At least they haven't charged me yet. Or else I'll be !!
  14. At least they've learned not to charge until the item is ready to ship.