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  1. We are going to Delware overnight over the weekend. Am I right in thinking that its tax free there for shopping? Does anybody know of a great outlet mall?

  2. Yep, tax free!! What area are you visiting?
  3. well we are actually going to atlantic city for a couple of days but one of the days my husband said he will take me to Delaware for the tax free shopping! So i dont mind where, the best places!
  4. Hmm, we have a house on the southern shore, so that's the only area I really know. Tanger outlets are there:
    Kind of far from AC though. Maybe someone else will know of somewhere closer.

    Have a great trip!!
  5. When I went to Delaware, we hit the TJ Maxx by the Tanger outlets. It had such an awesome selection of goodies! (compared to those in the big cities of course). I think it's worth checking out.
  6. i live in Delaware. and the best place for name brand is the Rehobeth Beach Outlets lawgirl07 mentioned, tons of stores. but far from atlantic city...
    if you drive from Atlantic City, then the closeset is the Christiana Mall off of route 1, less than an hour drive from AC, but they don't have too many fancy stores there. Google Christiana Mall for the store listings.
    And, yes, Delaware is tax-free!