Del Rey or Bayswater. Help!

  1. Ladies, I need to go to bed but I am now totally undecided about whether I want the Black Forest Bays or the Del Rey. I feel like this is heresy but I already own 5 Bays and so feel a 6th would be excessive. But I like classic bags and I wonder if the Del Rey would look 'dated' after this season, even with the doctors bag shape.

    I am not able to go see them in person so any comparison pics would help. Would also love your thoughts and opinions. Bays or Del Rey? Pros and cons. Should I give a new style bag a chance?

    Usually I don't like blingy bags, well except for Daria! I am a boring bag kind of girl.
  2. A few of the pictures of the Del Rey in the celebrities thread shows the Del Rey a little "squashed" in, which looks odd, as it's meant to be a doctor's style bag, so the leather isn't as stiff as it may appear on

    Also, the Del Rey cannot be worn over the shoulder, so for those moments where you just want to swing your bag over your shoulder, you can't do. Having said that, I do have a couple of bags where I can't do this with when I'm wearing a coat and you do get used to it.

    Having one more bays is fine - there are ladies here who have many more in the same style! And you know it suits you and it works well with your wardrobe. Is it because you have five bays that's making you hesitate and think about the Del Rey instead?

    Next time I'm in a store, I will check out the Del Rey properly.
  3. Hi
    I have seen both bags irl side to side and I must say the bays is better! I love the black forest colour
    I fully expected to love the del rey however when i saw it, it is missing something. It did not have the wow factor
    The SA agreed and commented that a lot of people had been in to purchase the black forest del rey but left with the bays!
    A lady at the time i was there was making the same decision (which is why i saw them side by side) and she went for the bays even though she had three!
    I see what u mean about already having a large no but bays are bags that will not date and are so classic and the colour is divine!
    Ps this is a biased post as i too want the black forest bays!
  4. Go for the bays its ab stunning and i think will suit you much better.
    Im going off the Del Rey again he he he i love the colour more than the bag i think thats what it is.
  5. Since you have so many bayswater bags I would go for the del rey. It`s fun to have something different. I just got the del rey in deer brown and I love her. Looks much better in real life than in pictures.
  6. I would choose Del Rey. Not only you already have 5 Bays but Black Forest while being drop dead gorgeous I think is made of the same leather as your Eggplant Bays (we are bag twins ;). So I think they will be quite similar both with Matte finish. At least it stopped me from wanting Black Forest Bays.
  7. I haven't seen the black forest irl but I have been drawn to the BF Bays on the M site.....I don't have a bays but seeing it in this colour makes me want one!!

    It's a shame you can't see them for yourself. I think you would really suit a del ray and it would be a fab work bag especially with you being a doctor!!

    You sound as though you would like another bays as you know the style works for you and you do always look fabulous carrying the bays in your modelling shots!

    Good luck in your decision :smile:
  8. Touch decision as I too feel the Del Rey may outdate after a/w but you already have 5 Bays so I can understand why you are unable to choose :smile:
  9. Neither - yet! Wait and see what happens - Mulberry may yet bring out other Black Forest bags, or there may be reveals on here that help you decide.

    I'm not sure, but I have a theory that if you can't decide between two bags then it's possible that you don't really want either of them.

    (speaking from experience here - I've bought bags that I'm not really 100% about, then regretted it when something better has come along and I have no spending money left!)
  10. Hmmm, I prefer the leather on the Del Rey as the Bays is matt leather which is beautiful but more delicate. However the Bays is more practical and will not be outdated. The Del Rey can only be carried by hand which is for me a no no.
    The amount of bays you have would not deter me ofngettng another one. It is a style that works perfectly for you.
  11. Thats the best advice imo as ive changed mind again you have too many bays you should go for something else but not the del rey wait as Plemont suggests and when u see the bag u want it will be instant. Im going to wait for the push polly in conker as thats what i want and not buy anything else to compensate. Its tough waiting though.
  12. Hi CP, I don't own either, but I must agree with the others who say you really suit your Bays :biggrin:
    I did see the Del Ray IRL and I admit I wasn't blown away, probably mainly due to the fact it can't be worn over the shoulder.
    I am a big fan of the Black Forest colour... and I'm looking forward to seeing what else they bring out.
    Hope you are feeling ok.
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    All of you all make great points! Shall respond to individual posts later. I guess my heart is sold on Bays and I love the black forest colour too!! I went and looked through my modelling pics and the Bayswater style just suits me. Just that DH was suggesting something different and he didn't like epi speedy.

    Now I am wishing I had a shareholders discount!! Sigh. I wonder if it will be available at Heathrow in August?

    I want it sooooooo bad!!! And to be honest I could do with some cheering up :sad:
  14. Hi Princess. I have just returned from Hoopers where I had another look at the BF Del Ray. Unfortunately they do not have the BF Bays so I could not compare the leather finish. The colour is lovely, although not quite as dark as I remembered and the leather is quite thick. In size it is very similar to the Bays and probably easier to access with the zip along to top.

    On display the handles had flopped down and in my opinion it made the bag look like it was missing something. On the photos I have seen of people using the bag I feel that it looks very slouchy which I don't think suits it. It needs to hold its shape and I don't think it will.

    It sounds like the Bays is flying out of the shops. I would be concerned about it making the sales. I now Know from my email from Rebecca Groom that there will be no more bags in BF. My choice therefore would be another Bays.
  15. I agree with plemont... Don't get either until you look at one of them and know 100% that is for you.. No reservations!

    If neither do this then wait for the bag that does!!! Lots more coming soon apparently! :biggrin: