Del Rey in hot pink

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  1. I love love love that colour. If they did that in the mini Del Rey then.... I'd weep and gnash my teeth and tear my hair, because I still couldn't afford it. But it looks fabulous.
  2. Wow! That's a real pop of colour - and in lovely goatskin, too! Pity it's not available over here (or, perhaps, just as well!) ;)
  3. Yes please :smile:

    Love the Mulberry Pink colour
  4. Just saw it and WANT! Its gorgeous colour but not sure if I'm able to carry it off
  5. Why am I loving everything pink at the minute?! Fab colour.
  6. I love the pink DR! The runway one is something else though. I'm Practically drooling!
  7. Can someone do a link to the runway del ray, please. I'd love to see it xx
  8. Just seen the bag on the competition link above. Gorgeous leather but I don't like the scaled hardware as much as the plain metal xx
  9. wow.. the pink del ray is stunning!!

    I wasn't sold on the del ray until I saw it in this color..

    Too bad I already have a fuschia bayswater.. can't justify two bright pink Mulberry bags!
  10. Wowza i need this haha didnt even like the del ray but in this colour its lush
  11. Knew that'd be right up your street Dotty ! Xxx start saving!
  12. The bayswater will turn heads! Xx