Del Rey - can't decide between...


What colour Del Rey?

  1. Black

  2. Petrol

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ... Black or Petrol! Help me ladies! :woot::loveeyes::faint::upsidedown:

    I was looking at the black until the SA showed me the petrol! OMG! The hardware is so gorgeous against the petrol! I love the feel of the leather on the black than on the petrol. Although, will the lambskin on petrol get smooshy over time? Appreciate your comments and advice! Many TIA!


  2. I voted petrol because that's a colour that I love now and have loved for a long time (if you could see inside my wardrobe you'd see mainly neutrals, but anything that's bright is a peacock blue, green or purple. Petrol fits right in there).

    Having said that, the black will never go out of fashion.......
  3. I second petrol ! The colour is divine!
  4. Petrol seems to be this seasons fave colour. It is a stunning colour but think whether you would use the black more everyday and not just get carried away with falling in love at first sight. Which ever one you choose I'm sure you will be happy with :smile:
  5. Can't help you on whether the lambskin would go smooshy or not but I personally love the petrol colour! I would definitely go for the petrol del rey, I'm hoping to purchase the daria clutch in petrol soon :smile:
  6. Another vote for petrol- if you want a black lots of other designers do cheaper versions of this shape- if you are going to spend so much you will want something a bit different but Id hang on for 30% off in the sale either way- for me this is overpriced- there is a prada bag very similar for less and imo its much much better leather
  7. Agree. Petrol is the only color this bag comes in that seems "special" to me.

    But I'm also not sure how I feel about lambskin and wish they'd done it in a sturdier leather. The black spongey leather will probably be more robust in the long run.

    I'd like the Petrol Del Rey but am trying to be mature about it and wait til sale time!
  8. The petrol! Gorgeous colour.
  9. Hi i actually like the black forest in this specific bag but i will go with def petrol as its lovely colour isnt it much better than black and will go with everything.
    The Del rey has really grown on me as i didnt like it at 1st but now i love it.:cool:
  10. This is an interesting one for me, as I was initially rather underwhelmed with the Petrol - but if I were to choose between it and the black I would say Petrol all the way.....the more I see, the more I love - I thought initially it was more of a darkish regular blue (which isn't my thing)......but now it seems to take on a more teal hue, so definitely a :tup:and:yes:from me!...:smile:
  11. hmmm well I would say black as it seems a lot classier and classic (to me anyway) but yeah if you're going to go for the petrol colour I'd say stick it out for the sale
  12. The petrol is stunning but black is more classic. I've gone for petrol though because that's the one I want!
  13. And why not? - in the end, that's as good a reason as any:p
  14. Petrol! I saw a petrol Bayswater in the flesh and it was divine.
  15. I would suggest getting the black. This is because although the petrol is a fabulous colour, it is seasonal. The black is timeless and will stay forever chic.