Del Rey bag as in Lana del Rey?

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  1. The singer? Because after the Grammys last night .... Well I didn't realize she sings like this? I am now a fan!

    If so, I might need to fall off the wagon and get me a del Rey bag?
  2. Yes as in Lana :smile:
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1390870267.739806.jpg

    I'm out with mine today :biggrin::heart:
  4. Thank you! Gotta start scoping for Del Rey's! :smile:

  5. Your Del Ray is so lovely! I've just ordered one in slate blue but I was torn between that colour or deer. I'm still not sure if I've made the right choice or not!
  6. Thank you! I like the deer a lot too and have considered buying one in the future. But before having mine I wasn't a huge del Rey fan a while ago i drove out to the outlets to buy a black Forrest one and it was just too slouchy and all over the place so I decided it wasn't for me. But then I saw this color!!!! And reaaaallllly liked it so I went for it and j think the newer leather is harder and more structured which I love! It's still pretty big though! I can't wait to see yours I hope you share!
  7. My first mulberry was a Deer brown del rye which came the other day and I love it. I really like the slate blue one and thinking of getting one
  8. Do it do it! Lol ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391462794.993801.jpg

    Deer brown and slate blue seem to be a popular color!

  9. Beautiful bag! I'm still in two minds whether or not to keep mine in slate blue. I was on a bag ban and have brought two in one week and feeling mega guilty about my news years resolution on saving! It's dangerous seeing everyone's lovely bags here!
  10. Thank you! I too am a little guilty feeling as I got a speeding ticket too lol so I have to pay that off first so my bag payments have slowed down oops! But I just sold my sbs cookie so I could afford a new bag! One in one out! (Not always but that's my justification in this case lol)