Del Ray

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  1. Hi All

    Looking at the Del Ray bag but so many people have different opinions. Thought i would come here and ask you lovely lot what you think of them and if anyone has one.
    What they are like on size, weight and to carry.

  2. #2 Sep 20, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2012
    I don't own a Del Rey but I tried it at the store. I like the design but the regular version is huge, it just looked out of proportion on me. From the current range, deer brown suits this bag the most, in my opinion.

    They're bringing out a small version next season which is so much cuter.
  3. Mixed reviews on here, mostly to do with the name more than anything. It's a nice bag but you can only use it one way - hand held.
  4. I agree with Steph22:there is only one way to carry it. But I do like the size and the look of it :smile:
  5. I have a black one and really love it but agree that the name is terrible! I call it my "postman's lock doctor bag" instead :biggrin:

    pros: super lightweight and comfortable to carry! the outer pocket is very helpful, size of it (comparable to a bayswater) fits everything, the (black) leather seems like it'll be robust, the zipper closure.

    cons: only handheld, a little too big (and looks sort of misshapen) if you're not carrying your whole life around, the bag's name.
  6. I agree. If only they used that name, I may have been more inclined to buy it! ;)
    An SA told me they were planning on calling it something else originally. I wonder what that was...
  7. I wonder if they'll quietly change the name in a season or two once Lana Del Rey is no longer a thing/they realise how no one wants to buy the bag due to its name?!

    Not the the Edie was a bad name, but I thought it was interesting how a season later they came out with Edie 2.0, and called it "postman's lock satchel"!
  8. That would be cool :giggles:
    'postman's lock xxx' sounds much better!
    Let's hope the mini 'del rey' comes with a different name, as I kinda like it :shame:
  9. Why did they name it Del Rey anyway?? The Lana girl has no class, is no fashion icon, no personality and is not even that pretty!! Someone has to tell her to stop the botox injections very soon...

    It would absolutely get it if they decided to name a bag after Kate Moss or Olivia Palermo, or perhaps Lara Stone. Not too fond of the latter, but she has this "something" that is nice to the eye. She has style!
  10. And now we have to see eleventy million Del Rey H+M ads! Boo. Hopefully she fades into obscurity soon.
  11. I saw at my local department store a blonde trying on oak one and it was stunning.
    Its hard to tell why but it just looked stunning on her arms highlighting her blonde. Beautiful.

    If you are blonde, it might be right for you.
  12. It is a nice bag, no doubt, but the name was a really bad choice and the price in quite high for a bag that can only be carried handheld.
  13. They are absolutely stunning, in my opinion - favourite Mulberry! :smile: I'll be getting a Black Forest one in two months or so. And if you ask me, I think LDR is a perfect icon to name a bag after!
  14. I really want this bag in black and in Black Forest. I just know it's an easy bag to carry around.

    Have yet to see the Del Rey in Black Forest in real life though.
  15. The Black Forest is stunning! I think that's the colour I'm leaning towards... I think the Black looks a little too distressed for my likings, but it's timeless and would match everything! Ahh, decisions, decisions!