Del Ray available to order now.

  1. Won't be buying myself - my mum is interested in the burgundy red (I knew she would be - this is exactly the style of bag she always goes for!)

    I guess if she purchases I'll probably get to take her out for a test drive.
  2. The burgundy and the petrol one are pretty, but without a shoulder strap, it's a 100%-no for me - I'm not a fan of handheld-only bags.
    My bank account says 'thank you', hehe.. ;)
  3. Del ray?!! Who on earth thought that name up?? Just makes me think of fools and horses and Mulberry is a little more than fools and horses is it not?
  4. Like the Alexa and a few others, it's named after someone...i this case the singer Lana Del Rey. :smile:
  5. It's named after Lana Del Ray. I will def. try it on at the Mulberry store. I think it looks really classic and very "me". The burgundy one looks so nice!! Me wantey!! I don't mind hand held bags, I have the Bayswater and her handles are just too short to fit on my shoulder, sure it's annoying but she's so perfect though.
  6. I was on the waiting list for this bag. When I first saw it I thought it was my style. But when I saw it in real life yesterday, I didn`t like it at all. Cheap looking leather. So now I`m lost. I really would like a new bag for the summer.. :cry:
  7. not my taste either, the design is too simple and boring for me.. :yawn:
  8. I saw them IRL today and they are seriously underwhelming.
    There is pared down understated chic and then there is no style and no substance Del Ray It is serious misfire IMO. I bet last year a focus group somewhere predicted LDR would be more famous than she is. If Mulberry wanted to go down that celeb route again they should have got an endorsement from Adele and produced something of more substance and class.
  9. Ditto!
  10. ita!
  11. Yep, couldn't agree more! :tup:
  12. :lol::lol::lol:
    I grew up with that :lolots:
    Couldnt agree more. :lol:
    Horrible bag with no appeal whatsoever imo sorry Mulberry+ ladies who love it :yucky:
  13. zoomed in on the interior on NAP and I really do not like the plastic zippers (like the ones on alexa). given that del rey is more expensive than the bays, I'd stick with the classic bays.