Dejavu experiences ever had any?

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  1. I did a check on this topic and it doesnt exist as a thread as of yet.Im wondering how many people on this site have had weird,strange,dejavu, past life type experiences? If you have a story to share and you want to please do. Comments are very welcome. TIA...:smile:

    Experience #1

    I once was working in NYC as a receptionist near the ferry on State Street. I was on my lunch break and this woman stops me and says hey Holly how are you and how did you like the catering job we did lastnight? I used to do catering jobs for Marriot as a server several months before this lady stops me. I didnt know this woman!!! It was so freaky it totally thru me off for the rest of my day.I did NOT participate in this job she is speaking of nor did I know who she was!!! And how did she KNOW my name? Very scary and freaky!!! And the catering jobs were in White Plains, NY not NYC.

    Experience #2

    When I make a phone call to someone and they say hey I was just thinking about you or I was just going to call you. This happens alot to me.

    Experience #3

    Or how about when you have met someone and they feel very familiar to you but you dont know them? I wonder if past lives really do exist.
  2. Sometimes I'll think about a random song I haven't heard on the radio and it will come on.
    I'll reach for my phone to see if DH has texted me just to have it beep when I pick it up.

    Small stuff like that.
  3. Very interesting. And yes those two things have happened to me as well.Thanks for sharing.