Deja Vu

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  1. How weird is this.

    I had deja-vu about bidding on that pink Chanel bag (see Handbag forum), then buying a pair of wood earrings online and then saying to my friend, "I never thought I'd wear wooden earrings!"


    Has anyone heard of a good explination for why we have deja-vu?
  2. NO, but it's so cool and so creepy when you're in the midst of it isn't it!?
  3. It's creepy, yeah! I've heard it's your brain jumping ahead... like it can already predict your actions so it feels like you've already done them. I don't know if I made that make sense but when I heard it I could see how it might be true.
  4. I have deja vu moments all the time!!I'd be doing something that is out of my routine and then I'd suddenly stop because I thought I've already done it. :wacko: Usually it's a dream/daydream that had materialized.
  5. Now I need to deja-vu myself a nice boyfriend.
  6. LOL!

    Have you guys seen Sliding Doors w/ Gwyneth? VERY cool flick!
    Not really deja vu, but what if . . .
  7. I heard the deja vu is something that has happened to you in your past life, and now again. Go figure :smile:
  8. :lol: LMAO:lol: :lol: :lol: !!
  9. Don't laugh!! I just deja-vued myself a Chanel bag! :idea:
  10. speaking of daydreaming a nice boyfriend and past lives... What about recurring dreams??

    I, for one, had recurring dreams about being together with someone that "feels" like my husband (and not a boyfriend). Now before you all break out laughing, I'm not married and have never been married, so to me it's a bit strange. It's always at the same setting, same guy smiling at me with the same loving feeling you get when you're in love. Weird!?!? I've had this dream for years!
  11. Wow, weird! Maybe you'll meet him someday!

    I don't really have reoccurring dreams.
  12. May be! :smile: now that would be a happy ending wouldn't it? I could always say, was meant to be! :biggrin:
  13. That's not a bad recurring dream! :amuse:
  14. It's not! :love: but it's mind boggling where I get that from. :wacko:
  15. I had this just once when I got out of the airplane in Tel Aviv I know that I've been here before. That was weird! My best friend has it all the time and she dreams about things that happen later that is scary.