Deja Vu

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  1. I bought a Bourbon Jillian at the Last NM Last Call sale and hadn't used it yet. Well I brought it out last night to use for this week and it was like falling in Love all over again. I couldn't stop smelling the leather and feeling it. What a cool bag this is. I am happy about selling My Black one because this Bourbon is going to get so much more use. The Black was a little too Biker Chick for me. What a Great Kooba bag!

  2. I have one too first Kooba (BF BD gift) and I just love that leather!!! Such a great texture and it holds up so well, even got a few rains drops (prior to Wilsons) and it didn't even phase it! :heart:
  3. I agree, this is one of Kooba's classics that never disappoints. I will always remember providencechick's photos of her bourbon Jillian... they were amazing and actually made me want this bag. When I received it I loved it, it was absolutely gorgeous and still is. A Kooba winner!
  4. It's always so nice to rediscover a bag.
  5. What a great feeling! :heart: Your post makes me what to change out my desert Marcelle for my bourbon Jillian today! Truly a just a gorgeous bag. I think the Jillian (especially in bourbon) is one of Kooba's most unique and definitely a classic.

    Mini: It was providencechick's pictures that sent me over the edge for this bag as well! Before that I had been thinking it would be too small, but seeing those pictures convinced me I had to have it and I'm glad I do.
  6. Oh! I love this bag! I showed it to my friend who wanted the shady Sienna and I think she's sold on this one. I feel like I have too many like it because of the Lucy style, but I couldn't answer any questions about this bag because I've never owned it - Lexie - is the Bourbon leather orangy in real life? I know that I thought the Cognac was a bit orange-ish. Is this more brownish? This might be her solution?! And it's NOT small??????
  7. Hmmmm....I'm thinking I like it in the sand better. The bourbon color is a little too orange-y for me....
  8. Well, the orange on the Jillian isn't quite as shiney and bright as it shows up in the pics (caused by flash). The orange is a little more subdued in normal light. The sand is also a good choice. I have one too, since I couldn't choose between the bourbon and sand. When in doubt, get both!
  9. I also think because of the distressing the color may appear a little different on different bags. I was just looking at mine and it is darker than the Borbon Jessie I had and waaay darker than the Bourbon Sienna I had breifly. In regular light my bag is not orange at all and with a bright camera flash it's going to take on shine and a slight orange-y look.
    I am looking at mine from about 12 feet away right now and it appears Dark Cognac brown. No orange hints at all.
  10. Another déjá Kooba story! I love it!
  11. You can live out your Biker chick fantasies with the black Lucy:graucho: