Deja Vu All Over Again, With a Twist

  1. Apologies in advance for the novel, but there's a lot on my mind.

    It seems this Dorothy is back in the cyclone, but perhaps I'll land in Oz this time. There's a good many of you that know of my (now 14 month) long saga, but here's the last thread I started. I'm too lazy to type it all over again. :shame:

    Fast forward through months of pain, procedures and pills to last week, when I have a repeat MRI done. I got the results on Monday: the disk has herniated again MUCH WORSE than before. Frankly I don't think it was ever repaired to begin with, but that's an aside. My pain management MD has referred me to a top notch neurosurgeon and I have my first appointment January 3. I hate to have to wait so long, but with this disk looking like it does (I have the MRI films-ick!), I may end up in the hospital before then.

    At any rate, surgery will be a given but I won't know how involved it will be until then I see the surgeon on January 3.

    The funny thing about finding out this news was that I AM HAPPY!!! Happy to have surgery again? Nope. Happy to finally find out there IS a reason I've been in screaming pain for the 13 months since the surgery, with precious little relief. My pain management doctor had used up everything in his bag of tricks and nothing worked or if it did, never lasted very long. Not one single pill he prescribed either worked or came without side effects for me.

    When I had the MRI, my biggest fear was it would come back unchanged from the last one in March, so believe it or not, finding not the disk ballooning out was the best news I could get.

    I'm dreading surgery, of course. I'm really upset about the fact that because of what I've been through, I've had to use up my leave every month, so I have NO leave time, meaning it's leave without pay from day one. Scary if a really involved procedure is deemed necessary.

    But the bottom line is I FINALLY have some hope to hang my hat on. That's something I'd long since run out of, so who needs money? :yahoo:
  2. eek!so sorry u r in so much pain...i know that feeling.(have had a bad hip for years too)
    Hope u get fixed up this time.....let us know when u r having the surgery!
    Feel better girl!
  3. I'm so sorry you're still struggling with this intense pain. I do know what you mean, though, that it's better to know what you're dealing with, at least, so it can hopefully be fixed. Sending good thoughts, prayers and vibes your way that this next surgery is a huge success! Hugs!:heart:
  4. I wish you all the luck in the world honey. I started on this same road 20 years ago, and sadly ended up in a wheelchair. BUT... I also had horrible PT advice, and even worse recommendation to remove rods that had been implanted to support my spine, as well as a degenrative disc disease that affects my entire spine. But MY WHOLE PROBLEM was having lousy insurance and dumb doctors.

    I pray for you. Hard. PLEASE do what the doctors tell you, when, how and how often. Ask about a bone stimulator device, see if they recoomend using one to stimulate the bone growth (I'm assuming there will be some fusion?) and please wear any device they tell you to as instructed! (Such as braces, etc).

    Alll my hopes you recover quickly and without more problems.
  5. Oh wow.

    I know the feeling, I am sooo glad there is hope in sight for you!!! :heart:
  6. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I understand why you are happy to finally have the reason for your pain. It's so frustrating to be making the rounds of doctors and have no reason for chronic pain. I've been there. I had a herniated disc and chronic nerve pain for over four years. I used to pray for 15 minutes without pain. The pain was relentless, day and night. I had given up on doctors until I found a non-surgical pain specialist. I so wish I had found him sooner. He was determined to rid me of pain. It took a long time and many procedures but no surgery. Please keep us posted about your health. I'll be sending good thoughts your way.
  7. Wow I just saw this, sorry you are facing a surgery, but I understand that there is some relief knowing that there is a reason for the pain. Let us know what happens.
  8. Hey elaine - hopefully this will be the beginning of the end to all your pain. Back problems are awful!
  9. Prada...very glad that this hasn't managed to sink your spirits. At least you now know what is happening and why it's happening. You have a something to focus on that can be fixed in future. It sucks that it didn't work the first time around. Chronic pain is horrid. My husband suffered from a foot condition that only just cleared up in the last month, but it made life misery for him for several years. He is a meat man and works on his feet. So he would do manual labor and be miserable. Now it's much better, so there is hope all around. Sending you healing thoughts!!!!
  10. Prada,

    Honey, how you doing? Been thinking of you alot lately... hope your silence is good news.

    Maybe we can swap pics of our scars? :smile:
  11. PP, so sorry I didn't see this till now. (right after returning from Charlotte, the worst stomach virus ever has hit me like a ton of bricks).

    After all the bad luck you've had, it's your turn for a string of good luck and good health. It's awful that because of the first joke of a doctor that you had to use up so much leave and deal with constant pain pretty much ever since. You're an amazing woman, tho, because you don't whine about it and you still are so thoughtful of others.

    :heart: and ((hugs)) for a wonderful woman!
  12. Thanks everyone. No new updates at all. My appointment isn't for another three weeks unless there is a cancellation, so I literally have no clue what the future holds.

    Funny thing though, around the time I had my last MRI I noticed the pain down my leg had changed from screaming pain to pins and needles. Like when your leg goes to sleep and you have to shake it out. Also, through out all this, I've rarely had much in the way of pain in my back itself because of how the disk blew. While I've had less pain in the leg, my back has pretty been non-stop nagging me with an achy, tight sort of feeling. Believe me, it's an improvement over the last year, but so weird given the way that disk has blown!!

    Yep, three more weeks for sure.
  13. (((((Hugs to you)))))