deisel Jeans 60 -70 % off

  1. This is awesome....I love Deisel jeans!
  2. how reputable is this site?
  3. thanks
  4. I wondered the same thing...
  5. I have gone to their sample sales they list in LA. they were the real deal.
  6. Has anyone purchased from them? Are they authentic? The prices seems really good!
  7. Thank You!
  8. they are listed as a good sample sales site on the denimblog, so i would assume they are authentic. That said I have never ordered from them....
  9. somone get them
  10. I wish they had a better selection and better prices of men's diesel because my dh sure needs some :sad: Great prices on the women's diesel but expensive shipping to US $24 for 2 pairs!
  11. They list sales that people give to their site, and they are not always authentic.
    I've been to a few in Vancouver that were FAKE... so just be aware.
  12. shipping is too steep