Degrassi- The Next Generation

  1. Does anybody watch this?
    It's my favorite show. This season is a little weak- but I still love it (except for the fact that Manny has said "coocoo bananas" 4 times this season)
  2. I like this show too! I don't always remember to watch it so I mostly catch up when they have marathons. I was bummed they killed off J.T. I'm amazed at how grown up and beautiful so many of them have grown up to become. Emma is gorgeous!
  3. Just when J.T.'s character was getting good they killed him off!
    Yeah Emma got better looking, and even Ellie is pretty. Liberty looks better than she did before, and Manny is gorgeous. I loove her hair.

    The guys,unfortunately, have not gotten better. If anything,worse. (example:Sean and Toby)
  4. I saw a couple of old reruns during summer, and I was pleasantly surprised by the maturity of the themes/topics most episodes dealt with.
  5. Sex
    Rape (Paige)
    Anorexia (Emma)
    Gonorrea (Spelt horribly wrong?)
    Death (by shootings,stabbing, and suicide)
    Abortion (Manny)
    Adoption (Liberty)

    This show has it all!
  6. i cried when jt died. i'm not sure if it was because of sadness or frustration. ugh, i loved him. :s

    love the show. -=)
  7. A very good older episode dealt with abusive bfs...I liked that one...
  8. Whoa whoa whoa...JT died?!!! I've missed a lot evidently. Probably cause none of my friends like the show.. :sad:
    The acting is bad, but I love it still!
  9. Oh yeah Rick..forgot about that one!
  10. Don't forget the Columbine-like episode when Jimmy gets shot and becomes paralyzed. That show gave me chills.

    I heard last year that Kevin Smith (director - Clerks, Chasing Amy, etc) was considering doing a Degrassi movie since he loves the show and used to watch the show the first time around (during the 80's). I haven't heard anything since then.

    I haven't watched in is kind of shocking :o
  12. sorry! i didn't mean to spoil it for any of you =(

    but yeah, he did. it was a sad episode. the tribute to him was heartwrenching!
  13. ^^Don't blame yourself...actually I think I was the first one to mention JT's death. Ooops!! Sorry!! You're right, the memorial was touching. :sad:

  14. Yup shooting was apart of my list, along with the suicide which was also in the episode when Rick then shot himself after shooting Jimmy..:crybaby:
  15. I like this show too! I don't always remember to watch!