Degradé Bags

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  1. i love the prada degradé bags, especially the first ones that were released in dark to light gray. are these bags in the permanent collection? or were they just seasonal? i've seen new colors every now and then, but i liked the gray ones better.
    thanks :flowers:
  2. I think there might still be some on Bluefly, are you looking for Ardesia/Fumo? Ardesia/Talco? otherwise, try calling the boutiques, start with Hawaiian ones :P Good luck!
  3. I saw them on in both the grey and brown versions. They have the tote and bowler style (but not cheap!). I just checked and the prices seem to have come down a bit - they were close to $2K a few weeks ago.
  4. There's a Degrade Spray Shoulder bag on Net-a-Porter in the sale down from £1096 to £657.60 at the minute.:smile: (Think it's the grey?)
  5. wow, diabro has a lot of those bags. i've never heard of that site before!
    so, this means that the grey bags aren't available in stores anymore? i mean, like a classic collection?
    thanks girls :smooch:
  6. Diabro are great. I haven't ever bought Prada from them, but have bought several Balenciaga bags and their service is always excellent. I'm in Australia, so I have to do most of my shopping online! Our department stores only carry small ranges of designer bags and my nearest Prada store is over 100km away!
  7. No the degrade bags are seasonal. They may come out w/ something next fall, but if you see one you like you should get it.

  8. where did you find that? net a porter only has prada sunglasses when i go to the site,i've never seen a bag there!
  9. Whoops! I'm ever so sorry - it's a Marc Jacobs Degrade bag, not a Prada one.:shame: Apologies, I just saw 'Degrade' and jumped in!:Push:
  10. no prob ;)
  11. My Saks had the ardesia/fumo degrade bag awhile ago but don't know the eact name. It had silver hardware, top zip, two handles, comfortably worn over shoulder. It was a big tote but not overly n/s or e/w. Was $15xx and WASN'T on sale.