Deflecting the attention of LV - Psych Dept.

  1. Much has been written and discussed on this forum about the reaction we get when carrying an LV (any style really).

    I don't know why BUT sometimes I think people want to "get into it with me" at inappropriate times (medical emergencies, discussion of $, comparison of lifestyles) , so what I do is deflect the entire comment:

    Them: "is that a real LV" ???

    Me: (surveying my bag, tilting my head, kind of quiet and friendly/annoyed at the same time) No reaction on my face except for bland smirk
    "I think so, I mean, I bought it at the boutique to make sure it was real..yeah of course it is '

    Then I move on to the topic at hand.
    I save my obsessing for you all here at tPF and my mother who loves it and the occasional stranger who enjoys me standing there with my bag. :rolleyes:

    Thanks all for being here for me !
  2. hehe I think it's really interesting how people react to LV. I think most people ask us that question because they think the bag is fake, but looks too good to be fake, and gather up the courage to ask. But it's like, if you're skeptical of its authenticity, why ask in the first place? Even if the owner of the bag says it's real, you'll still think it's fake... Sometimes I get into these situations too, I've mentioned this once a while back but there was once this girl who went to the same private CEGEP as me (it's a mandatory 2-yr college in Quebec fyi) and not once did she speak to me. Back then I was still too shy to carry my LVs with me to school, so the beginning of this yr, on the first day of university the girl suddenly tapped me on my shoulder and said: "Hi! I've seen you that (pointing to my bag) REAL?!?!?" and it's like...yo girl, you don't talk to me for 2 years and now approach me just because I carry my LV to school now?!?!?! B!tch!!!! lol
  3. It is rather offensive. It's like asking someone, "is that your real hair?" or something like that. :rolleyes:
  4. :roflmfao:

    (can you imagine ppl coming up in the streets and asking to feel your hair to see if it's real)
  5. I do get a lot of people asking me "Is that real LV?"
    Yesterday I sat beside a girl who I used to go to school with in junior high and she asked if my cles was real, or if I got it from Hong Kong on the streets.
    Of course they don't randomly come up to me to's usually people I know from school, parents of friends, friends of boyfriend, etc. My coworkers NEVER question the authenticity of my LV since they know I'm crazy about the real thing!
  6. well i guess sometimes people are just curious!!
    some ppl might ask if it is real out of jealousy... but some people just truly want to know because they can't tell!!
  7. if i'm feeling *****y... then i respond with, "yeah.. shame i can't say the same about yours." and 'yours' could be boobs, hair, or bag.
  8. I love this line!
    "Is that a real LV?"
    response, "yes"
    "Where did you get it from?"
  9. The answer of course is "Chinatown." :lol:
  10. I have yet to have someone ask if mine is real, but I carry a Damier speedy so maybe it's not as well known. Nobody asked when I carried my Mono speedy either... who knows. I did notice a girl at the mall go out of her way to get next to me and oggle my Damier Speedy, it was really odd, she got in my personal space!
  11. I have never had anyone ask me if mine is real or not. I had people compliment me though. I certainly don't mind that! :graucho:
  12. I don't think anyone has really noticed mine. I rarely see lv where I live. The few times that I have spotted lv, they were all fake. I just purchased a mono speedy 30. This one will probably get noticed but they will just think it is fake. I have gotten a few stares at my damier speedy but they are probably wondering what it was.
  13. I know some people take it as offensive but I really dont care. i just smile and say "yes!"
  14. kinda reminds me of whenever i go shopping with my friend. she tells people "omg can you believe that she paid $700 for that small bag". That really annoys me =/
  15. I would never ask someone is it implies that it may be fake which is rude. Whenever people say mean or rude things it is simply that they are tacky. It serves no purpose to ask such a questions. No one has asked me yet if my LV's are rude. Most people that I know are not into fashion so they probably do not even know LV. In my town I hardly ever see anyone carrying LV. I have noticed that my LV's get more glances than my Gucci's so people must recognize it or like the style.