1. Can someone please explain to me what a podium order is? What is the difference between a podium order and a special order?

    I searched through the reference section but was not able to locate the exact meanings of these things. any other termanology definitions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  2. FH - podium orders are placed by the stores twice a year in Paris. Usually some of the podium orders are for stock and some are for customers they know are looking for particular bags.

    Special order are really just that. Special. Something different from normal orders. Longer straps, extra pockets, color combinations, particular hardware etc. These are difficult to obtain are generally offered only to existing clientel.

    The terms are quite specific and not interchangable.

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  4. From what I have been told from my local boutique the special orders are placed twice a year in December and May and that would be a limited number for each boutique. (Only 10 SOs from my local boutique each time, only for their loyal customers) If you are offered for a special order, you can choose different colors, leather, hardware, lining, piping color, tricolor, bicolor, stitching of your own choice. Then the boutique will check if the colors and leather you choose are available, if they are available, after they place an order for you in Dec and May, the bag will arrive within 6-10 months. But if the colors and leather you choose are not avaible for offer, then it can take up to years.

    The podium order is where each boutique go to order the bags for the next seasons which happen in February and July in Paris.

    In July 2007, they order the bags for SS2008 which will start to arrive the boutique in Feb 2008.

    And in Feb 2008 will be the orders for AW 2008 and the bags will start to arrive at the boutique in July 2008.

    At the podium order, each boutique can choose the bags in what they already have to offer at the podium. Some new colors for the next seasons. There are also limited number in birkins and kelly and in croc for each boutique. Maybe my boutique can order 3 crocodile bags for each season only.
  5. Thank you for all the information. How many croc bags would you think a store like madison avenue in NY would order in one season?
  6. Maybe a lot more because the boutique is big and the sales are better than the small boutique. The manager also told me that the number of the croc bags she can order depends on the total sales each year. She said she can order 3 croc bags and 2 bags has to be in dark color.
  7. My guess is that this information is "classified."
  8. I have been wondering the same thing about the differences between a PO and SO. Thanks Handybags and ilovemylife. You were very clear and concise.
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