1. I'm new to this forum but not at all new to Bottega.
    Ahd yet I've usually said I have a red bag or tan bag or black bag, well you get the idea.
    I also have no idea, for example, what parma is!
    I would like to start a thread where all of you knowlegable members can educate those of us who are not up on all the lingo.
    If there is already such a thread, I apologize. I did a search and could not find it.
    Help us out here!
  2. Parma =Purple
    Nero = Black
    Ebano = Medium Brown - found only with BV
    Magnolia = Light Pink
    Malva = Cornflower Blue
    Bianco = White
    Noce = Tan/Light Brown
    Poudre = Pink/Lilac
    Old Petra = Brown/Violet
    Quarzo = Medium Pink
    Pergamena = Off White

    Those are the ones I know quickly at least :smile: Hope that helps!
  3. This is a great thread! Thanks for posting dervilfal. I'm new to BV and this will be really helpful!
  4. Limo: taupe
  5. Trifoglio: light green
    Billardo: dark green
    Sale: very very light greyish tone, almost white
    Army: army green
    Pepe: medium brownish grey tone
  6. Ottone: metallic gold
    Prunus: plum
    Peltro: greyish silver
    Bronzo: olive/bronze
    Ferro: gunmetal
    Pompei: redish/orange
    Bianco: white
    Moro: brown
    Celadon: lime green
    Caserta: light yellow
  7. thanks for starting this thread bec I was wondering the same.
  8. good thread... I've wondering the same too.. Can you also add definition of the type of leather that's being used. i.e:
    nappa, nappa umbria, deer skin that being used in what type of bag... this really confused me... TIA..
  9. it would be nice to have a color and leather reference guide like they have in the hermes subforum (fitting too since they apparently use the same leather supplier). here's a new one, a lovely grass green in deerskin:


  10. ^^ I was going to suggest that also. I like the color, leather, size, purse threads.
  11. Wow-this is absolutely gorgeous-where is it available at? :woohoo:
  12. Nappa is the softest; I think it's lambskin in BV's, but by definition it could be calfskin. Nappa Umbria is treated, but hopefully someone knows what it is exactly--I don't. Cervo is deerskin.
  13. Gosh, I didn't realise there were so many colours with each its own name!
  14. Carmino : red
    porshegirl, are you often on the Hermes threads?
  15. raz96,

    Not really. Just went there the other day though to check out their color and leather reference guide!