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  1. quick question: is a pochette still considered a 'carre' or is it just a pocket square? would a pointu, pocket square/pochette, carre and the cashmere shawl all be considered scarves? help. i'm confused and having a little problem...
  2. Well, I consider them all scarves. But the pochette is named as such to differentiate it from the standard carre, which is the 90 x 90cm twill scarf.
  3. so a pochette is not a carre?
  4. A pochette is a pocket square, smaller in size than the standard carre.
  5. H,

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    It's misleading...
  6. thanks. i know. i just wanted to check. sigh. so depressed.
  7. i thought a pocket square was a 'gavroche'
  8. Yes, it is.

    The French H site refers to them as pochettes, however. I guess the important thing is that they are never referred to as carres?
  9. "Carré" is the generic French ajective for "square." So a pochette is technically square, and a pointu isn't, "pointu" being French for, well, "pointed." This just makes it more confusing, doesn't it?

    It gets worse in English, where the Hermes site calls the big ones "scarves" and then the pochettes "pocket squares," and of course then there are "twillys" - but calling all three of those "scarves" would not be wrong, would it? We are therefore in Wonderland:

    "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less."
    (Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass)
  10. oy. lord help me. thanks guys!
  11. Man, hlfinn, what did you start?
  12. what do you mean?
  13. H, can't you appeal to the sellers better nature?
  14. I thought I had this whole carre, pochette, twilly, shawl, pointu thing figured out. Then, I read this thread..............................:confused1:
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