Definition of Supple vs. Rigide

  1. Hi, I know this subject has been discussed before, but I thought maybe you gals can help shed some new light!

    I ordered a Kelly 32, in Togo. It says on the order form 'supple'.

    1) Now is this 'supple' because it's a Kelly-Togo combo? Because I have a Birkin-Togo combo and it does NOT say 'supple'.

    2) Are certain leathers classified 'supple' and others 'rigide'? Or does 'supple vs. rigide' only apply to Kellys, when the stitching is inside, as opposed to outside?

    Again, I am confused when I thought I had grasped the concept of supple vs. rigide. :confused1:
    Thanks for the input!!!
  2. Souple means that the seams of the bag are inside, like they would be on a Birkin.
    Rigide means that the seams of the bag are outside. A feature that some Kellys have.
    Another word for souple is 'retourne' (because the bag gets turned inside-out during the manufacturing process) and another word for rigide is 'sellier'.
  3. 7792_12.jpg Rigide

    28kellydrag1.jpg Souple
  4. Thank you!
    1) So just to clarify: whether the bag is 'supple' or 'rigide' has nothing to do with the leather, but everything to do with the stitching, right?
    2) Let's say if a Kelly is 'supple' as opposed to 'rigide' but made from the same leather (say Togo), then does it make much difference in how it looks?
    3) But how come there is 'supple sellier' too?
  5. it defines the stitching souple = retourne rigide = sellier nowadays tho.

    see attachment
    retourne(left) vs. sellier(right).jpg
  6. Irene!!! Those are yummy colors!

    What is th color of the retourne I wonder? Beige Rose?
  7. I wonder if anyone would have both supple & rigide in the same style (say Kelly) and same leather, to compare how they look?
    If I was looking for a slouchy Kelly, what is the best leather? I ordered mine 4 months ago in Togo, and it's ready of collection now, but I'm so worried it's not what I want!
  8. it is rose dragee
  9. 1) right
    2) the rigide bag is stiffer (I believe there is also an additional layer of leather added to rigide bags) and will keep its form longer. The rigide bag is also bigger in appearance.
    3) I have no idea. There is a 'mou' (i.e. foldable) form which can also be found in rigide Kely bags, it is however very rare and I am only aware of those bags in the (discontinued) leather chevre jhansi.
  10. How about Rigid is equal to "stiff" and retourne is equal to "soft" lol.
  11. Thank lilach! Duh I thought the same after I saw it again..
  12. Don't worry, your Kelly in togo will slouch and I am sure it will come in souple. Your Kelly will slouch nicely if you use it a lot. Enjoy it!
  13. *sigh* so confusing.
    Yes, I know there's sellier mou - more expensive........
    So what kind of leather would you recommend for slouchy Kelly?
  14. don´t worry you´ll be hapy with togo it is a smooshy leath when done in retourne. the other ones that can be considered smooshy are clemence and swift. but again take a look at your ordered bag first
  15. Thanks! At least for Togo, it can resist wear and tear more, since I want to use if casually. It's so hard to decide - there were/are so many choices available that you keep wondering if you've made the right decision!