Definition of a Spy Bag

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  1. I heard about spy bags in a song. I checked the internet for some pictures, but I saw different things. Please, someone explain what makes a bag a spy bag.
  2. Very interesting
  3. Yes, it's a little sad, but I am influenced by music. This is how I learned about Coogi and hopefully spy bags soon.
  4. I am assuming the song was referencing the Spy bag by Fendi. Fendi designed this large bag with woven handles and a hidden compartment that was all the rage last year. Fendi made the bag in a variety of materials and colors. It was seen on the arms of such celebrities as the Olsen twins. Here's a Spy bag that's available for sale on Eluxury.
  5. yup! i think it's the spy bag from fendi
  6. Were you listening to Beyonce and JayZ? :roflmfao:
  7. Yes, indeed. I still trying to figure out purple labels.
  8. Thanks for the info, and Congrats on your weight loss.
  9. what song?
  10. Purple Label is the upper tier of the Ralph Lauren male collection (like Collection is for the women's side)
  11. Are you referring to the Beyonce' song where they guy's talkin' about gettin' her Spy bags? I'm pretty sure he's talkin' about the Spy bags by Fendi. Check out the Fendi forum here n' you can see what all the fuss is about. Personally, I love 'em. I have a black leather one and I'm workin' on gettin' a Zucca and brown leather one. They come in so many beaufiful, rich colors... And don't get me started on the hidden compartments!
  12. The name of the song is Upgrade U. :jammin: It's on her latest album B-Day and it's been getting a lot of play on the urban radio stations lately. Her beau Jay-Z raps about getting her spy bags amongst other sorts of fabulous things...must be nice :love: