Definitely worth the wait!

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  1. Oooooo look what just came UPS yesterday! My glorious gold Pigalles! I have been waiting like forever (about 2 months I think) and now they are finally here! Can't wait to wear them out tonite! Are they the perfect dancing shoes or what?


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  2. OMG they are TDF :drool: I am very jealous.............

    How did you find the sizing?
  3. Hot!!! I tried the silver ones in 100mm and regretted not buying them. They're just TDF! Why the 2 months wait? ;) Rock her, you totally deserve to!
  4. dang, whats the heel height on those babies?
  5. These are TDF :drool::drool: congrats are finally getting them!!

    ps Are they the 120s!?! <--- if they are, I am SO impressed that you can rock them out clubbing! (I personally love the look of that height, but can barely walk in them!:P) Have fun tonight!
  6. OMG can't wait to see modeling pics!!
  7. Hot Hot Hot!!!!
  8. hottest shoe on the planet. modelling pics please :smile:.
  9. I got my Pigalles from a diifferent place (probably the same place rubycloe got them I guess) ... but thanks for the website - I LOVE these heels on that site,

    how about you?

  10. They are definitely perfect for dancing! Congratulations!
  11. Wow. You GO girl! Enjoy them and rock the floor tonight.
  12. Those are certainly eye catching! PERFECT for dancing~~ post some mod pics if you can!!
  13. hot hot hot!!!
  14. I love the 120s!!!!! They are soooo perfect! Make sure you have a drink before you go out, so you feel no pain ;)