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  1. Oooooo look what just came UPS yesterday! My glorious gold Pigalles! I have been waiting like forever (about 2 months I think) and now they are finally here! Can't wait to wear them out tonite! Are they the perfect dancing shoes or what?


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  2. wow those are super hot! how tall is the heel? andrea you never cease to amaze me with your relentless pursuit of these gorgeous shoes that would probably kill me...
  3. OOOOOOOhh those are sooo pretty!!! why did it take 2 months to get/
  4. Where did you get them? From a Louboutin boutique? Or Ebay? I would love to check them out...:smile: I'm sure you're beautiful in them!!!
  5. wow those are amazing :drool:
  6. I love them! I don't have any pigalles, but just from looking at them I have a lot of respect for anyone who could dance in them. You sound like you have a super shoe collection from all of your posts. I'm envious!
  7. Those are supa hot! I love them. Congrats!
  8. Said it in the CL forum, I'll say it again here - WOW :okay:That's a hot choice Andrea
  9. Wow, thoese are hot! Congrats!!