Definitely the Beginning of an Addiction..

Apr 20, 2007
so after receiving my first coach as a birthday present(thread: my first coach everrr & a question..), less than a week later me and my mother stopped at the coach outlet in Lee, Mass.

i must have spent over an hour walking around the store and finally decided upon a new bag, a ponytail scarf for my purple carly & a keychain!!

sooo my purchases(please excuse the crappy webcam pics, it's all i have..):

Black Soho Patchwork Ponytail Scarf(on my plum leather carly)

MFSRP: $38
I Paid: $29

Heritage Stripe Demi

MFSRP: $198
I Paid: $76.99

Patent Leather Signature Trigger Snap Keychain

MFSRP: $28 (i think..)
I Paid: $16

and the Amanda Valet in Nickle for my mother

MFSRP: $38
I Paid: $24

I am sooo happy to have gotten the heritage stripe demi, the size is perfect for on-the-go type of thing & the fabric is perfect for a "knock around" bag. I felt like i really needed a coach with a signature fabric because my name begins with a C and my initials are CC so i really feel as if those bags scream my name lol.

And the deals at the outlets in Lee are amazinggg. The people that work at the coach store there are extremely helpful and friendly (from when i've been there). I've been to the coach factory store in *******, CT (I live in CT) and the prices really aren't at that much of a discount..

anyways sorry for the babbling, i'm so happy!
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Jul 31, 2008
Yep, you have the makings of a Coach addict alright...on the heels of your first bag, you already visited the outlet...sounds good to me! :P
Congrats on all your goodies and that demi is adorable. Coated canvas is very hardy, I have a HS sig tote and love how well it holds up...just don't knock her around on purpose or anything! That would be Coachal abuse, lol.