Definitely broke The Ban this time...*PICS* of the evidence!

  1. I plead no contest! My little family needed some new colorful characters...:rolleyes:

    Thanks again to personalshoppers' fantastic inventory, I truly broke my ban with this lovely blue caviar jumbo flap and sizzling red python clutch :drool: Just put me in Chanel time-out and throw away my pocketbook!!

    Why so blue, dearie??

    Let's spice it up with this red-hot mamacita!!

    On the left: prim professional. On the left: sexy siren.

    Okay y'all, I'm SERIOUSLY going on a ban now. For real.

    (Hey, stop laughing!!! :sweatdrop:)
  2. SHUT UP!! OMG I am so dying here. Those are both beautiful bags, you did very well for someone on a ban.
  3. They are gorgeous! Congrats. =)
  4. Well, I can see why you had to break your ban... I'm sure you'll stick to it from now on, but these bags were necessary! :yes:
  5. LOVE THEM!! Stop feeling guilty :blink: and enjoy those beautiful additions:yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. OMG!!! That is beautiful jumbo. I'm willing to go broke for that color. Congrats.
  7. Love them both!!! Congrats!!!
  8. gorgeous!

    time for updated collection pic!
  9. i like gorgeous choices =)
  10. abosolutely stuuunnning! i've always wanted a navy bag and that jumbo is quite perfect! congrats on the WONDERFUL new beauties, but as for the bag ban... what can i say lol!
  11. well at least you broke it with some beautiful specimens!
  12. OMG Jenn, I would have broken my ban too! That Jumbo blue caviar classic flap is freakin' TDF!! I am not a flap girl but a blue flap would be an exception. It's really amazing. Congrats on both lovely new acquisitions!
  13. I LOVE the blue.
    That's one of my dream bags (except in Medium)
  14. Definitely worth breaking your purse ban. Stunning choices! Congrats!
  15. absolutely stunnng!