Definitely back on the market now!

  1. So, as some of you may have followed, I've been in a pickle about my current job situation. I enjoy the people I work with but it isn't a challenge at all anymore.

    I have gone on a few interviews to see if we have personality matches so that I could possibly explore more career options but never really found a match.

    I laid it to rest last month to focus on trying to enjoy my current job. But I guess it showed that I really didn't like it there anymore (I was still friendly with the staff but really bummed about the actual job). So my manager came in and talked with me today and asked whether or not I was happy with my current situation. And something hit a nerve and I just spat out the truth. Usually, I would just sugar coat it a little so I don't "burn any bridges" but I just basically said that the job description of my position is just not challenging me anymore.

    And I was surprised to hear that all she wanted was the best for me and that she was going on vacation next week but I should think about what I really want to do and let her know when she gets back. I'm really surprised that she took it so well. I guess it's been tough because it was my first "... but they're my friends" situation. Where I didn't want to disappointed them for leaving but I wasn't completely happy about my job.

    Ironically, today after work I have an interview for a management position and if all goes well I may not have a work slump.
  2. Yay - glad to hear your work situation is starting to resolve itself. Good Luck and keep us all posted. Sounds like your line manager actually knows about managing people.
  3. Good to hear!
  4. Thanks! I think she's a great manager and when I leave will definitely get her a little appreciation gift. Not a lot of managers would give you the time to get your sh*t together.

    Update on the interview yesterday - it was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. They basically wanted to hire me on the spot. But I can't take it!! :sad:

    They work on a 4 days on 4 days off. And the 4 day's I do work they are all 10-11 hr shifts and because it's a 24 hr company, my shifts could vary. And I don't think with my current schedule that would work.

    I'm going to try to line up some interviews next week hopefully.
  5. Great news! :smile: