Defining the 'classic' look

  1. I'm curious to see what everyone here has on their list of 'classic' items. The sort of items that a girl doesn't throw out without replacing with another of the same. Items that have been trends for 5+ years and are still going strong.

    On my list are:
    -black boots
    -jeans that fit the bottom just right
    -cashmere sweater
    -pea coat
    -white collared shirt

    Can someone add to my list? I know I'm missing a few!
  2. Also:
    -Cabled sweater
    -Wool socks
  3. And how did I leave out:
    -Button-up knit Cardigan
    -The little black dress
  4. pencil skirt
    tailor-fit blazer
    wool 3/4 length coat
    black pointy toe stilettos
    wool trousers
  5. Nice thread! How about:

    Trench coat
    Mid heel pumps, closed toe
    Medium width leather belt
  6. I do love the classic white round neck tees :shame:

    They used to be perfect for school, and they're equally great for work now!
  7. A great belt
    A classic black trouser suit
  8. black turtleneck
    wrap dress
    diamond studs
    tank watch
  9. a pearl necklace! (of course, one hopes one's pearls wouldn't wear out and have to be replaced!)
  10. pearl studs
    black flats
    knee boots
    black leather bag
    leather jacket
  11. pencil skirts
    nice polo shirts (no logo)
    fitted cashmere sweaters (all styles)
    wool pants with a wider leg
    black boots
    pumps with a middle weight heel (not a stiletto, but not stacked/chunky...not sure what its called?)
  12. good white shirt
    straight leg blue jeans
    pearl necklace
    black pumps
  13. black suit that flatters your shape
    patterned coat
    solid coat
    fitted cashmere sweaters
    a pair of jeans
    funky footwear
    many bags.......................
  14. diamond studs, big or small
    black pants
    court shoes for working gals
  15. great black pants
    black pumps
    black boots
    cashmere turtleneck
    fitted balzer
    black suit
    white dress shirt
    designer jeans
    fitted coat