definiately NOT "i'm not a plastic bag"

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  1. wow. i'd looked for one of Anya Hindmarch's bags a couple of months ago on eBay, and there were a few listings. now it seems that eBay is swarmed with what i am assuming are fakes, since there just weren't that many bags available, in the US or anywhere else. right?

  2. I dunno...there are plenty available near me, as she has a few stores in my general area.
  3. More were available recently in different colours from the official company available to the uk but i think international buyers brought them there too. I am in the middle of writting a review for eBay as i had a eBayer contact me as she thought she had brought off someone a fake and i compared it to mine an have helped her with her paypal claim. There are only subtle differnces.
    The big warning signs for the fakes are the bags with plastic over the handles, these are FAKES. Putting plastic over the handles goes against what weaewwhatwedo believes in. Bags which were ordered from them or anya hindmarch website come in recyleable tissue paper. And the bags brought from stores were delivered in paper.
    Not all bags have tags on! I ordered 2 from them one came with the other came without.

    If you got to or anya hindmarch online. It gives you a break down of what colours and quantities were produced for where.

    The main one faked has been the US blue.

    If anyone wants their bag authenticating please PM me!
  4. Oh, BTW, my comment was about Anya Hindmarch bags in general, not specifically about the "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" ones.
  5. I've seen lots of fakes. Avoid ones that are packaged in plastic. Generally speaking, if it's been on iOffer, you can assume that it's going on eBay being sold as the real thing.
  6. Hi no probs have you recieved them yet?

    To be able to authenticate it i will need three pics

    1. A clear picture of the wording we are what we do which is inside the bag

    2. A picture of the binding around the handle, not the handle itself but the twine wrapped around it at the bottom

    3. where the handle is, is a metal ring, under the fabric yu should be able to see the metal ring and for safety it is covered in rubber. The fakes are either sewn around so you cant see the metal bit underneath or a few people who have brought fakes have been able to see cardboard.

    If you can get those pics i can tell you straight away. If i get chance tomorow i will post some detailed pics of what to look out for.

  7. Thanks DesignerMummy!!! I haven't paid for the auction yet. I want to make sure it's the "REAL DEAL", I had been requestiong for the invoice from the Seller for a few days now and they had just sent me the invoice today.. since the took their time to send me the invoice, I'd do the same with paying late and verifying if the bags are authentic or not. I will wait for your additional info re these Anya "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" bags. Thanks again!!! :smile:
  8. Be careful -- even if you are requesting extra pictures, the seller can still file a NPB alert against you.
  9. Yeah, I have thought about that already - but I don't think 1 strike will hurt my eBay history as a Buyer (I'm keeping my fingers crossed!).:sad: I have paid all the items I won right away, except for this one. :smile:
  10. Hey designermummy, can you take a look at these pics? I bought this bag on Ebay and the seller also showed a receipt from Anya Hindmarch NYC. I've already had the bag checked for authenticity, just would like to see your comments. TIA:flowers:
    anya1.JPG anya2.JPG anya3.JPG anya4.JPG anya5.JPG
  11. Here's more pics:
    anya6.JPG anya7.JPG
  12. the wording and the strap look good. It seems the tell tale sign is the inside. Where the metal loop is, if you look from the inside and lift the bit of fabric up you should be able to see the bottom part of the metal ring covered in rubber. The fakes are either stitched around so you cant see it at all as is my fake one and two other sellers who have contacted me through ebay have found that theirs have had cardboard sticking out!
  13. Just seen your second 2 pics, My grey bag which is authentic as i brought it direct does not have the made in china tag in. My fake one ( which i am sending back) has which is a blue usa copy. I have just asked another member who brought hers direct to check her bags! x
  14. Thank you so much designermummy!:flowers: I had also sent pics to the author who wrote that Ebay guide on how to tell if your AH is a fake and he concluded that it was a fake for different reasons but your idea of checking the metal loop was perfect. Under my metal loops, the cardboard is sticking out ... so I know for sure that my bag is a fake! Just wanted more confirmation. Great advice! Thanks again:smile: