Define satchel, hobo, shoulder bag, tote...

  1. Just curious on your positions on what each of these terms mean. I've seen certain online stores that categorize their purses this way, so I have a general idea of their shapes, but I was wondering if there was an industry-wide definition for each one. Is there overlap between the terms? Am I missing any terms?

    For example, I had posted a thread a while back asking for recommendations for a shoulder bag (at the time, I meant "anything that fits over the shoulder"), but after hearing some suggestions, another PFer commented that those were more like a tote rather than a shoulder bag... which made me question what these terms meant...

    Can anyone help? TIA!
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  4. Neat! I was navigating that site for about 1/2 hour! Great help!
  5. Very cool :smile: I've always wondered what a bag needed to be classified as a "hobo", since I've seen a wide variety of styles. Now I know :yahoo:
  6. Thanks passerby, was curious too!:smile: